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Yessss!!!! These are the goals indeed! Great advice to start somewhere like with avoiding buying food in clamshells. I never noticed until recent years after going keto that snack bags (such as by Ziplock) impart a flavor to the food stored in the Ziplock that is so strong and awful that I cannot eat what's in the storage bag anymore! I'm quite baffled by this as I was never affected by the taste of the food in Ziplock type bags years before. Has something changed? The bag renders the food inedible to me - it's that bad. I could tell with my eyes closed if the food came out of one of those bags. It doesn't seem to matter what brand of bag it is either. Thank you for another great article! I hope we can all steer clear as much as possible in all these areas.

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That's an interesting observation about plastic bags affecting flavor, thanks for your note!

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