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If you’ve experienced the powerful connection between food and health…

If you’re bothered by the sad state of mass-produced food…

If you no longer trust institutions with your wellbeing…

If you want hard truths instead of myths and lies…

If you agree Big Food can’t be improved, it has to be replaced…

And if you are a problem-solver who wants to make a difference…

You’ve landed in the right place.

A small team behind the Senza app for food and fasting has rallied to create this publication because we want to do more than offer digital health tools and free virtual coaching. We want to channel the motivation we see across a growing community that demands change - and direct it toward building a new and anti-fragile food system.

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Building a resilient food system, one plate at a time


Team Senza

We are the people behind the coaching window of the Senza app for nutrition and fasting.