These are the kind of people who grow the food you want to be eating.

January 2023

Announcing a new, private space for our food-minded community to discuss what matters most
By January, winter weather, limited daylight, travel, and holiday gatherings take a toll on the body’s ability to fight off illness. Viruses like the…

November 2022

Our obsession with sun-blocking products could be doing more harm than good

September 2022

Unbeatable strategies for shopping smart and avoiding food waste, while making better choices for your health

August 2022

Read nutrition labels carefully and do not fall for these misleading claims
Moving your body has lots of benefits. Weight loss is not one of them. Read on to learn why you won’t exercise your way out of a bad diet – and why you…

July 2022

My doctor is concerned about my cholesterol on keto. Once a day at least, a message like this comes into the coaching window of the Senza app. It’s a…

June 2022

How well do you sleep? We posed this question to our keto community earlier this month and learned that two-thirds of active Senza users sleep just ok…

May 2022

The start of summer opens up so many choices for sourcing fresh and healthy food. Which steps are you ready to take to help build an alternative food…
The trouble with tracking vitamin and mineral intake
In any aspect of life, goals that produce results are Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, and Timely. How does this apply to a health journey…